Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why You Need to Learn English

English is universal language. This is perhaps the mother of all languages. Everywhere you go, people are speaking the language. Can you imagine what would happen if you cannot speak English? You will be having communication problem since you can talk to people, especially when you are traveling to European countries.

That is not just the problem. If you are doing business, you will have problems expanding your business beyond your local market. If you are unemployed, you will have problems finding a job since you don't know English.

Of course, there are many reasons why you need to learn the language.
  1. It is used in education.
  2. It's very important in business and trading.
  3. It is used in marketing.
  4. It is used on the internet.
  5. It's the Universal language around the world.
  6. It helps you to communicate with more people.
  7. It helps you to develop self learning.
  8. Not knowing English is definitely a shame.
  9. It is used in daily life (especially if you work in shopping malls).
  10. Know that it is useful in every way.
With so many reasons to learn a new language that is so useful for everyone, how can you say no? Most schools are offering lessons, but if you 'missed' learning English in school, it is never too late to learn. Even old people can learn a new language or anything they want. Who says we are too old for learning?

There are many classes you can sign up in order to learn a new language. Learning a new language will never hurt you. If you are doing business, a new language can expand your business to a bigger market. It is also helpful when you are looking for a job. Without the English language, we can barely live in this world. Therefore, take some time and learn for your own good. You will appreciate that you have finally taken the first step towards improving your life through education.

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