Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder

Join Sophie and enter a world of philosophy. You will be joining the philosophy's teacher, Alberto Knox on this ride. Sophie's World will open up your mind to many things that you never thought about before. You won't be learning these in most schools unless if you are in a philosophy school.

You are bound to learn everything you need to know about philosophy in one journey. Sophie is the main character in this story, along with Alberto Knox. Occasionally her mother, her best friend and her pets make appearances in the story. Her father is a captain of an oil tanker and therefore, rarely stays at home.

In this book, you will get to learn about medieval philosophy, meet Socrates, Plato and many more. Often you will be asked questions in this book to stimulate your philosophy thinking. Just how many of us are interested in philosophy if not because of this book. At least I know, I won't be interested if I didn't read this book at all.

You have to read this book to believe it. You will meet Hermes, Alberto's dog. It is also the delivery dog as it delivers the many packages to Sophie. The first two questions you will have to answer would be "who are you?" and "where does the world come from?".

This is the book for general. After all normal people like us will never thought about learning philosophy. Philosophy is seen as a boring topic. The truth is you will like philosophy once you have read this book. Enjoy it.

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