Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why Forums Are a Great Marketing Platform

There are thousands of forums on the internet. Do you know that forums are the best place for marketing. Imagine thousands of people hanging out in the forums everyday and they are simply waiting for you to feed them with information.

No, I am just kidding, they are not waiting for anyone. They just love to hang out in forums but then again, why would you want to let go such a great opportunity to promote your product to thousands of people?

Some of the best forums include Digital Point and Warrior Forum. Of course, you can search for forums in your niche. You can also search for forums out of your niche for more exposure but always start within your niche.

The best way to start is by promoting through your signature. Most forums allowed signatures after your sign up while other will have to reach a certain number of posts before you are allowed to have signature to prevent abuse.

So, once you have reached the requirement, you can put up your own signature with a link to your landing page, blog, website or affiliate links although it is advisable not to put in affiliate links. It is best to include landing page link in your signature to promote your product.
Of course putting up signature is not enough. You need to participate in the forum so that people can see your signature. One rule of posting is no spamming. Therefore you should only reply to threads that interest you.

By using Google Analytics to assess your urls, you will be able to track the referring sites to your pages. This way you will be able to judge which forums bring in more traffic so you can focus your marketing on those forums that bring in the most visits and sales.
This is why forum marketing is never dead. In fact, you can always use this way to promote any products you have created.

Stay Updated With Twitter Search

I am sure you use Twitter. If you are not using Twitter, you should register and start using it. After all, this is what most online networkers would have done. People use Twitter as a medium for marketing, communication and promotion.

These days, you can even use Twitter to search for things you want to know. From elections to deaths and gossips, there is a little something you can find in Twitter, almost as if Twitter is the new Google Search Engine.

Twitter is also inspiring many people to develop new applications related to Twitter in a way to benefit more people on the internet. From searching for similar interests people in Twitter to checking active and inactive users on Twitter.

How do you keep up with the topics that interest you? For example, you want to know what is going on in the writing industry. You can search for the keyword 'writing' and Twitter will compile a list of all 'writing' related twits so you can look for something new every day. The best thing is you can save your search so the next time you want to look for the same thing, just click on the sidebar.

If you have a blog, Twitter is the best platform to promote or market your blog to a wider audience. Why? It is because you can arrange to have Twitter automatically twit about your new blog posts whenever you update your blog. This way, you will get a few fast clicks to your blog throughout the day. If someone likes your posts, they might retweet your twit so that their readers can read about it too.

The point of Twitter is to meet new people and communicate. Surely you have a few followers. Why not send a message to them or reply to their twits? It is easy to spark a conversation by replying with the normal @twitteruser format. I am sure you have seen it in action.

Twitter is indeed the latest marketing tool you need for your business. Even if you are not using it for business purpose, you can still keep in touch with your friends and family easily.

Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder

Join Sophie and enter a world of philosophy. You will be joining the philosophy's teacher, Alberto Knox on this ride. Sophie's World will open up your mind to many things that you never thought about before. You won't be learning these in most schools unless if you are in a philosophy school.

You are bound to learn everything you need to know about philosophy in one journey. Sophie is the main character in this story, along with Alberto Knox. Occasionally her mother, her best friend and her pets make appearances in the story. Her father is a captain of an oil tanker and therefore, rarely stays at home.

In this book, you will get to learn about medieval philosophy, meet Socrates, Plato and many more. Often you will be asked questions in this book to stimulate your philosophy thinking. Just how many of us are interested in philosophy if not because of this book. At least I know, I won't be interested if I didn't read this book at all.

You have to read this book to believe it. You will meet Hermes, Alberto's dog. It is also the delivery dog as it delivers the many packages to Sophie. The first two questions you will have to answer would be "who are you?" and "where does the world come from?".

This is the book for general. After all normal people like us will never thought about learning philosophy. Philosophy is seen as a boring topic. The truth is you will like philosophy once you have read this book. Enjoy it.